No, but some functionalities will not work if your device is not rooted, like Automatic update or power management settings.

No, currently power management work on all rooted devices, we are always working on expanding our supported displays for this feature, chat with us if you have any specific requirement.

Reseller / White-label

You will be billing your clients at the price rate that fits your market and send us orders accordingly; our payment term is 30 days net.
Yes, you will get an account management tool to control and monitor your solution, where you can add users and manage licences yourself without getting back to us, stay in control and make things done faster.
No, HEXA will be provided as managed service, you don’t have to worry about the infrastucture, we will handle it for you.
The short answer is unlimited. We have partnered with Google Cloud Platform to power HEXA, leveraging the latest technology trends from Google, HEXA is a distributed system with no one point of failer, designed with the serverless technology, the system automatically scales up to serve millions of requests without any downtime.
Yes, our software development team is ready to build and integrate custom apps to fit your clients’ requirements. In addition, we integrate with 3rd parties systems to deliver smooth and automatic data updates on the screens.
We provide Level 2 support; basically, you try to fix/support your clients’ issues; if you need help, we will step in.